About DuraTile

Company History

DuraTile Inc. was conceptualized in March of 2010 in Barbados. This was followed by months of market research, improving technologies and  building product awareness. It was officially introduced into the Caribbean market as a more modern roofing alternative.

A plastics recycling operation, the company processes PET (polyethylene terephthalate) wastes into attractive, high quality roofing shingles by means of environmentally safe technologies. Virtually maintenance free, the synthetic shingles have an authentic slate look and come in standard colours of green, grey, terracotta, coral, mahogany, natural clay and orange.

Ideal for the Caribbean, DuraTile is highly hurricane resistant and weathers the sun and sea sprays well. Its molecular composition results in DuraTile, being a poor heat conductor, thereby promoting cool interiors, all while being aesthetically pleasing to any architectural design. Confident in our product’s attractiveness and sustainability, DuraTile is ready for the market.

Mission Statement

To deliver high quality, cost effective products on schedule by employing and supporting a motivated, flexible and focused team. We strive to implement long term relationships with our clients based on safety, quality, and anticipation of their needs. Our clients count on our dependability, our drive and our integrity. We endeavor to foster a work environment that encourages new ideas, new innovations and growth.


Our goals are high level intentions that guide the overall development of our business. They are:

  • To become a market leader
  • To create a superior product
  • To champion a cause for above par supplier: client relations


Preconco Limited

Preconco Limited, formed in 1991 with just eight employees, has rapidly grown to a multi-million dollar operation with over 200 staff members and comfortably matured into the role of leading manufacturer of precast and prestressed concrete in the Caribbean, our name synonymous with the finest buildings available today.

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Creative Paving Solutions Inc.

Creative Paving Solutions Inc. commenced operations in Barbados in 2004 at which time our advanced German technology, used to manufacture concrete blocks and pavers were introduced. Our pavers are remarkably versatile as we offer various designs, unlimited color possibilities and layout options which will enhance the aesthetics of your home or project at an affordable cost. Beyond beauty CPS pavers provide safety, strength and durability.

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Caribbean Homes Ltd.

The Caribbean Homes factories at Thurban, Six Roads, St. Philip, Barbados are state of the art, manufacturing operations which produce precast and prestressed concrete houses using innovative technology which has been widely tested and proven across the United States and Europe. These hurricane and earthquake resistant houses boast finishes of the highest quality and are available in both affordable and middle income designs. The houses are produced at a rate of 2.5 per day.

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CemTile Inc.

CemTile commenced operations in 1995. Today it is one of the fastest growing companies in the roofing industry. Our manufacturing and installation processes have evolved into an art so that we are now able to provide you with the widest color selection of cement roofing tiles in the region. The highest quality material, combined with our advanced technology, allows us to manufacture durable and cost effective roofing solutions which enhance both the aesthetics and value of your property. Our focus does not end with providing a high quality product, but extends to the excellent customer service which is one of the driving forces behind our corporate culture.

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Meridian Caribbean Inc. Windows

Established in 2005, our company is 100% Barbadian owned and we pride ourselves on manufacturing an exceptionally high quality, low maintenance UPVC window and door product. Whatever your requirements, we aim to turn your vision into reality. When you build your home, it is the smallest details which make it unique and distinctive and we understand the importance of perfection. Meridian Windows are second to none; great care is taken to ensure your investment in our products is one that will withstand the test of time, as well as the climatic conditions experienced here in the Caribbean. We offer a wide range of products from Single Hung Sash Windows and Rehau Hurricane Ready reinforced windows. We offer the best delivery times, the finest finish and the highest quality products anyone could ask for at affordable prices to suit all budgets. At Meridian we strive to exceed your expectations. Make the right decision – choose Meridian.

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